side effects have varied

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side effects have varied

So watching this film today, I came to the conclusion- one I had come to previously through my regular analysis- films can fall apart with weak planning.
SABOTAGE had the potential to be such a great film. But the consistently inconsistent dialogue, switching from what seemed to be improve and last minute script adjustments, suffered from poor rhythm and lack of forward momentum.  At certain points, especially at the half way mark, the dialogue gets cringe worthy. I had to pause and recalibrate my mind to continue viewing.
What really sucks, is the acting is great. The roster in this film is comparable to that of a summer block buster… more or less. Schwarzenegger, Terrance Howard, Sam Worthington, Link from the Matrix? This movie should have been way better. But they could only do so much with the script. I mean really, it’s bad.

Well that’s my first film review. I’ll do more when I’m being less lazy. Check this movie out if you want to know how not to structure cinema dialogue. Don’t watch CSI.

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THE KING IN YELLOW by Richard Luong

Our Lord.